Advent-Day 6-Sacrificial Lamb

Welcome all.

This month we are learning about God, His son Jesus and Jesus’ earthly family tree.

Yesterday we learned that Abram followed when God told him to GO! Well Abram obeyed and after he and his wife were very very old, finally God gave them a baby boy. (Found in the Bible in Genesis 22, and our complete lesson can be found here). One day, God asked Abram (now called Abraham) to give his son back to God. It made Abraham very sad to have to give his boy back to God, but he obeyed. When it was time, an angel came and said, “No! God has provided another way! Look!” And there was a ram (a daddy sheep). People used to give sacrifices (big gifts) to God like sheep. This time God had asked for Abraham’s son, but after Abraham obeyed, God provided a ram instead. “You did not keep your only son from me, and for that you will be blessed.” God provided another way.

The Bible tells us Jesus is like that ram. He is OUR sacrificial lamb. God sent HIS only son Jesus to come to earth to die for our sins (our bad choices that disobey God). Jesus would die for us, like a sheep, and God would then forgive us for all the bad things we do, so we don’t have to apart from God forever for our sins. (John 3:16, John 1:29, Rev 5:12)

When God put the baby in Mary’s tummy, an angel told her that she would have a baby boy and his name would be Jesus (which means “God saves.”) The very name of Jesus tells us He came to save us, to come in our place, and be the sheep of sacrifice, just like God gave a sheep in place of Abraham’s son. (Luke 1)

Bible story: Abraham’s sacrifice

Attribute of God: Sacrificial lamb

Jesus’ birth story: Jesus is given His name

Craft: for side one of our ornament today, I sketched a sheep shape and the kids glued pom pons on and gave him a face.

Our text reads: God provided a ram, like Jesus is our sacrificial lamb. Gen 22:1-19, John 1:29


Side two I outlined the name and let the kids color in Jesus’ name.

Our text reads: His name will be Jesus, Son of the Most High, the lamb who takes away the sins of the world. Luke 1, Rev 5:12


We taped a string in the middle and glued the two sides together and then hung it on our “tree.”


Thanks for joining us again. Love to you all!

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