Acts 18-Loving those that serve

Our story today is presented a bit differently than what we’ve been covering. It comes from Acts 18 and is about Paul and some of his friends. For this story, I drew and added to our picture as the story was told. Here is our finished product: image

Paul (centered) was busy telling everyone about Jesus. Some people didn’t like that, but some people were happy and wanted to help. Two of those people were Aquila and his wife, Priscilla.

In our house, Daddy has to work make money so we can buy things like a house to live in and food to eat. Paul’s friends let him stay at THEIR house and shared their food with him so he could spend his time telling people about Jesus. They also met a man named Apollos, who loved God, but didn’t know the whole story of Jesus. So, Aquila and Priscilla brought him to their house and taught him everything they knew.

Some people tell their friends about Jesus at school or while they go to work. You can tell people about Jesus right where you live and play, just like Aquila and Priscilla did with Apollos.

Other people spend their time serving God and telling others about him…like Pastors or missionaries (who go to far away places to serve God). (If you support any missionaries, this is a good time to tell your kids about them..where they live and what they do.) Each week we give money to our church to help God’s house and to help the Pastor(s) be able to spend their time serving God. We also send money every month to the people we know who are missionaries around the world. This helps them be able to live and have a house and food.

Sometimes, God wants us to tell people about Him. Sometimes, He wants us to serve Him right where we are; and SOMETIMES, He wants us to help OTHER people who are serving Him.

The Bible tells us that everyone who loves God is in a family…and that we can all work together like all the parts of your body work together. Some people work far away, some work right here. Some people are like the mouth who tell people about Jesus and some people are the hands…giving and making things. There are LOTS of ways to serve God and to help other people who are serving Him. The Bible also tells us one way is not more important than another way. What are some ways YOU can help serve God? What are some ways you can be a helper to OTHER people who are serving God?

We are wrapping up in Acts–2 more stories, then we’ll focus on John’s vision, then we’ll be ready for June’s lessons. Thanks everyone. Love to you all!

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