King Josiah

Hi all! Welcome back! Yesterday we did the story of Israel’s Exile and Hezekiah’s Trust. Todays lesson is from 2 Kings 22-23. Last year’s story and craft can be found HERE.

God’s people had forgotten to obey Him. They disobeyed God and worshipped pretend gods called idols. They did what the wanted and didn’t take care of the temple (the church.) The church was falling apart because no one cared enough about God to fix it.

The kings of God’s people had mostly not been very good kings. They did not remember God’s words and did not care to obey Him. But then, a young boy named Josiah became king. His father had been king and now he would be the new king. Even though he was young, God was about to use him to do GREAT things.

Josiah obeyed God and tried to always do the right thing. As he got a bit, he had his helpers fix up the church. As they were fixing and cleaning, they found some old parts of the Bible. Josiah had his helpers read it to him and when he heard what it said, he cried and cried. Do you know why? Because the people were NOT doing what the Bible said and he felt so sorry to God. We don’t know what God wants us to do unless we read the Bible! When we know what His word says, then when we have decisions to make, we can know if it’s something that God would want us to do or not. But we can forget God’s words if we don’t read our Bible…so it’s important to read the Bible a lot…and reading with your mom or dad can help you understand it!

King Josiah called all the people together and told them the words of God. He and all the people made a new covenant (promise) to follow God and obey Him.

The people took down their pretend gods and did what was right.

You don’t have to be a big grown up to do the right thing. Josiah was a good example to all the people in Judah for how to love God…worshipping ONLY Him, helping keep the church nice, praying to God, and obeying Him.

In 1 Timothy 4:12 it says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” Even little guys can do the right thing for God and sometimes you can even show grown ups how to love God.

For our craft today we wrote out 1 Timothy 4:12 and then drew pictures of each of the ways we can show other people how to love and obey God.


Speech: a face with a big, open mouth

Life: we traced our hands–loving God with our life means doing what He wants us to do

Love: a heart

Faith: a cross

Purity: a star–purity means perfect, nothing yucky in it–like a bright, shining star


We found THIS VIDEO from KidMo.

SabbathSchool has a two part video on today’s lesson found HERE and HERE.


Thanks for joining us! Love to you all!

Master List

Below is our Master list for the year. This is the outline of every story we will cover with our kids–feel free to join along and do the crafts with us, or come up with your own!

bibleread(Disclaimer: I may change and move around a few things as we progress). You can now click on any lesson on the list and just do that one if you like (if it doesn’t have a hyperlink that means we haven’t done it yet…there are a couple of those).

If you do these at your own pace, there are about 20-25 per month so you can take Sundays off …and sometimes take another day off …we do Bible stories about 5 days a week.



July (Genesis):

God Was Gen 1:1, John 1

Creation and HERE Gen 1-2:2

Adam and Eve and HERE Gen 2-3

Cain/Abel and here Gen 4

Noah and here Gen 6-8

Tower of Babel and here Gen 11:1-8

Abram Gen 11:27-12:9

God’s Promise Gen 15

Promise of a Baby and here Gen 18

Sodom/Gomorrah and here Gen 19

Isaac Gen 21

Abraham tested and here Gen 22

Isaac/Rebekah Gen 24

Jacob/Esau and here Gen 25/27

Jacob’s Dream and here Gen 28

Jacob’s children Gen 29-30, 35

Jacob meets Esau Gen 32/33

Jacob wrestles with God (new name) Gen 32:22-32, 35

Joseph’s Coat and here Gen 37

Joseph interprets Dreams Gen 40/41

Joseph in charge and here/Joseph and the famine Gen 41-46

Younger blessing Gen 48

Abraham’s Children Romans 4


August (Job/Exodus-Judges):


Israelites Grow/Moses born and here Ex 1-2:1-8

Burning Bush and here  Ex 2:9-4

Let my people Go Ex 5-12

Passover Ex 5-12

Crossing the sea and here Ex 14

God provides and here Ex 15-17

Mt Sinai Ex 19-23

The Law  Ex 19-23 and Romans 3, 5, and 8

Tabernacle Ex 24-31, 35-39

Golden Calf and here Ex 32

Tabernacle/Cloud and here Ex 40

Overview of Leviticus

Israel prepares for the promised land Numbers 1-12

Delay to Promised land/Fear of Canaan and here Nu 13-20

God Provides in the wilderness and here Nu 17, 20, 21

Balaam’s Donkey and here Nu 22-24

Deut Overview

Moses-Joshua Deut 34

Joshua-Jericho Josh 5:13-6:27

Sun stands still Josh 10

Divide Land Josh 13-21

Rebellion/God’s response Judges 1-3:6

Deborah and Jael here Ju 4-5

Gideon and here Ju 6-8

Other judges Ju 3, 10-12

Samson and here Ju 13-16

Corruption Ju 17-21


September (Ruth-2 Samuel):

Ruth and here

Hannah and here 1 Sam 1-2

God speaks to Samuel 1 Sam 3

The Ark 1 Sam 4-7

Israel asks for a king 1 Sam 8-10

Jonathan attacks Philistines 1 Sam 13-14

Lord Rejects Saul as king 1 Sam 15

God chooses David and here 1 Sam 15-16

David and Goliath and here 1 Sam 17

Saul goes crazy/David and Jonathan and here 1 Sam 18-20

David spares Saul’s life 1 Sam 24

David Israel’s shepherd and here 1 Sam 29-2 Sam 7

Abigail 1 Sam 25

David spares Saul again 1 Sam 26

Saul dies/dividing of Judah 1 Sam 31/2 Sam 1-5

David defeats Philistines 2 Sam 5

David dances 2 Sam 6

Promise of a temple 2 Sam 7

Mephibosheth and video here 2 Sam 9

Bathsheba and David and Bathsheba 2 Sam 11-12

Psalm 51 (a song asking for God’s forgiveness)

Conquests/37 warriors 2 Sam 21-24

Census 2 Sam 24

Absalom Part 1 2 Sam 13

Absalom’s life  2 Sam 15-23



October (1 Kings-End of Old Testament):

Solomon’s wisdom and here 1 Kings 3

King Solomon part 2 1 Kings 4-11

Queen of Sheba 1 Kings 10

King Solomon Disobeys 1 Kings 11

Kingdom splits 1 Kings 12-22

A victory for Abijah 2 Chronicles 13

Elijah and the widow 1 Kings 17

Elijah and here 1 Kings 17-18

God whispers to Elijah and  video here 1 Kings 19


Elisha and  video here 2 Kings 6

Israel Disobeys 2 Kings 17-18

King Josiah and here 2 Kings 22-23


Amos/Hosea and here





Judah into Exile 2 Kings 24-25


Daniel furnace Daniel 1-3

Daniel lions den Daniel 6

Daniel visions






Every word of God proves true Is 10:5-7, 44:28, 49:13-17, Jer 25:12, 32:44, Ez 34:13, 36:11, Hosea 8:9-10, Zeph 2:13-15


November (The Song Books):

***still working out my exact plan for this month***


A Song praising God Psalm 8

A Song for when you’re frustrated Psalm 44

A Song to tell God “I’m Sorry” Psalm 51

A Song of thanksgiving Psalm 100

A Song about God’s faithfulness Psalm 23

A Song about trusting God Psalm 56

A Song of Wisdom Psalm 1


A Song of History Psalm 105


Wisdom intro

The reward of wisdom

Trust in the Lord

Wisdom from parents

Being a good friend

Wisdom in giving to others

Communicating Well






Advent! See advent calendar


January (Jesus’ Life):

Simeon and Anna Luke 2

Jesus grew Luke 2

Jesus in the temple Luke 2

John baptizes Jesus Luke 3, John 1

Temptation of Jesus Luke 4, Mat 4, Mark 1

Jesus calls disciples Luke 5, 6:12-16, Mt 10, Mk 3, Jn 1

Call of Levi/Matthew Luke 5, Mt 9, Mk 2

John beheaded Mat 14

Transfiguration Luke 9, Mt 17, Mk 9

Mary/Martha Luke 10:38-41

Samaritan woman/many believe Jn 4

Jesus ruffles feathers Luke 11:37-53, Jn 6/7/10-11

Children to Jesus Luke 18, Mt 19, Mk 10

Zacchaeus Luke 19

Anointed at Bethany Mt 26, Luke 22, Mk 14, Jn 12

Jesus washes the disciples’ feet Jn 13


February (Jesus’ Miracles):

Water into wine Jn 2

Jesus drives out a bad spirit Mk 1:21-28, Luke 4:31-36

Man with leprosy Luke 5, Mt 8, Mk 1

Heals paralytic Luke 5, Mt 9, Mk 2

Centurion’s servant Luke 7, Mt 8:5-13

Widow’s son Luke 7, Mk 5, Jn 11

Calms the storm Luke 8:22-25, Mt 8, Mk 4

Drives out demon Luke 8:26-37, Mt 8

Heals dead girl, sick woman Luke 8, Mt 9, Mk 5

Feeds 5000 Luke 9, Mt 14, Mk 6, Jn 6

Healing of boy Luke 9, Mt 17, Mk 9

Crippled man healed on Sabbath Luke 13

Ten healed of leprosy Luke 17

Bartimaeus Luke 18, Mt 20, Mk 10

Heals deaf/mute Mk 7

Healing at pool Jn 5

Walks on water Mt 14, Mk 6, Jn 6

Lazarus Jn 11

Blind man healed Jn 9


March (Jesus’ Teachings):

Lord of the Sabbath Luke 6, Mt 12:1-14, Mk 2

Beatitudes Luke 6:17-26, Mt 5

Love your enemies Luke 6:27-36, Mt 5:39-42

Wise/foolish builders Luke 6:46-49, Mt 7:24-27

Parable of the sower Luke 8, Mt 13, Mk 4

Prayer Mt 6, Luke 11

Treasures in the heaven Mt 6, Luke 11

Don’t worry Mt 6, Luke 12

Good Samaritan Luke 10, Mt 27, Mk 12

1st last/last 1st Luke 14

Lost sheep/Good shepherd Luke 15, Mt 18, Jn 10

Prodigal son Luke 15

Lamp under a bowl Mt 5, Mk4, Luke 8

Unmerciful servant Mt 18

Ten minas Luke 18, Mt 25

Greatest Commandment Mt 22:34-40, Mk 12

Parable of the tenants Mt 21, Mk 12, Luke 20

God will return Jn 14/16

God so loved the world Jn 3


April (Easter/Life after Easter):

Triumphant entry (and HERE) Mt 21, Mk 11, Luke 19, Jn 12

Judas betrays Jesus Luke 22, Mt 26, Mk 14

Last supper (and HERE) Luke 22, Mt 26, Mk 14

Mt of Olives Luke 22, Mt 26, Mk 14, Jn 17

Jesus arrested Luke 22, Mt 26, Mk 14, Jn 18

Peter denies Jesus Luke 22, Mt 26, Mk 14, Jn 18/19

Jesus on trial Luke 22-23, Mt 26, Mk 14, Jn 18

The Crucifixion (and HERE) Luke 23, Mt 27, Mk 15, Jn 19

Burial Luke 15, Mt 27, Mk 15, Jn 19

RESURRECTION (and HERE) Luke 24, Mt 28, Mk 16, Jn 20


Jesus appears to His disciples Luke 24, Jn 20

Catch of fish Jn 21

Reinstates Peter Jn 21

Jesus’ ascension (and HERE) Luke 24, Mt 28

Pentecost Acts 2

Peter heals a crippled man Acts 3

Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5

Peter and Gamaliel Acts 5:17-42

Stephen Acts 6-7

God changes Saul’s heart Acts 9

Cornelius Acts 10

Peter freed from jail Acts 12

Lydia Acts 16


May (Life after Easter cont. and Living a Godly Life):

Paul and Silas in Jail Acts 16

Growing Together Acts 18

Paul’s Shipwreck Acts 27/28


Romans 1-4, Gal 3

Romans 5

Nothing can Separate Rom 8:37-39

Not by works Rom 9-10

Living sacrifice Rom 12

Submit to authority Rom 13

Weak/strong/choices Rom 14

Body of Christ (and HERE) 1 Cor 12

Love (and HERE) 1 Cor 13

Looking ahead 2 Cor 4

Generosity (and HERE) 2 Cor 8/9, Gal 6:9

Thorn 2 Cor 12

Fruit of the Spirit (and HERE) Gal 5

Unity Eph 3-4, Jude 20-23

Armor of God (and HERE) Eph 6

Jesus’ humility (and HERE) Phil 2, Mt 20, Luke 14

Don’t complain Phil 2:12-18

Don’t be anxious Phil 4:6-7

Think about good things Phil 4:8

Pray Col 3:12-17, James 5:13-17, 1 John 5:13-21


June (Living a Godly Life cont.):

Don’t let anyone look down on you (and HERE) 1 Tim 4:12

Love of money 1 Tim 6

The Bible 2 Tim 2:22-26, 3:16-17, 4:1-5, Titus 3

Word of God Hebrews 4:12, John 1, Gal 1

High Priest Heb 4:14-5:9, 7-8

Holy of Holies Heb 9

Faith (and HERE) Heb 11, Rom 4

Discipline Heb 12

Trials James 5:17-12, 1 Peter 4:12-19, 2 Cor 1:5, Php 3, 2 Tim 3:12

Obey God’s words James 1:19-27

Favoritism James 2

Taming the tongue (and HERE) James 3

True beauty 1 Peter 3:3-4

Don’t repay evil with evil 1 Peter 3:8, Rom 12:17, 12:21

False Teachers 2 Peter 2, 1 John 2, 1 John 4

Walk in the light 1 John 1

Children of God 1 John 3, Rom 8:23, 9:4

Love one another 1 John 3:16, 4, 2 John

Angels/Demons Jude, Heb 2, 13



There you go! That’s an entire year’s worth of lessons…about 300 for you to study with your kiddos. Regular study of God’s word keeps His truths in their hearts and builds a good foundation of daily seeking God. It also helps US as parents ensure WE are seeking God every day. Some days may seem to go over your child’s head…and that’s ok. You can always modify a lesson to be more or less complex, but also trust that the truths you speak will sink into their hearts. God WANTS children to come to Him and to know Him and you may be surprised how much He helps them understand and remember and how much insight He gives them. Thanks for joining us this year!

What is true?

Welcome back! Today’s lesson is from 1 John chapters 2 and 4.

What do you know that’s true? How about that your mom and dad love you. But how can you tell if something is true about God? Nobody on earth has SEEN God…so how can you know if someone says “God is 1 inch tall” or “God can’t do everything.”

How do you know if something is true or not? In the book of 1 John (John’s 1st letter) it says that we can know something is true if we check the Bible! We know God ALWAYS tells the truth, and the Bible is everything He wanted us to know. We can know if something is true by checking the Bible.

In this book, John also tells us to watch out. Some people will SAY they love God…but they might say some things that don’t SOUND like God…like maybe they would say “God loves you….IF you wear a certain kind of clothes. Or God only loves you IF you eat certain food.” If you aren’t sure if that’s true or not…you can check the Bible! (You can always ask a grown up to help).

AND, if anyone teaches about God, but doesn’t accept Jesus too, the Bible says that person is a liar who doesn’t really know God. When we love God, we love Jesus too. Jesus is God’s son, sent to save us from our sins. If we don’t believe in Jesus, then we don’t believe in God’s love…and God IS love! Anyone who teaches about God, but doesn’t believe in Jesus too is not someone who tells the truth.

If we want to know what is true about God, we can read the Bible. 1 John 4 says lots of people will try to tell you things that God doesn’t like. They sound really good…but they are not of God. Everything you hear, make sure God says it too. If you don’t know what to do, or if you should agree with someone or not…check the Bible! God gave us what He wants us to know in the Bible.


For our craft today we used 1/2 piece black construction paper, some slightly smaller sheets of white paper and a yellow piece of paper with a ‘V’  cut out of the end. We glued down the center of the black piece and added a white piece, then glued and layered another white piece, then glued and layered our yellow bookmark piece.

Our text reads: How do I know if something’s true? Checking the Bible’s what I should do! 1 John 2, 4



Thanks for joining us, love to you all!

The Word of God

Hello again! Today’s lesson is from a few places in the New Testament, but we’ll be mainly focusing on Hebrews 4:12. (From the letter written to the Hebrews–most people think Paul wrote it, but the Bible doesn’t say for sure.)

In this verse God wants us to know “The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

What is the word of God? And how can WORDS be alive?

The Word of God. John, Jesus’ disciple wrote that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.  In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” Do you know who this verse might be talking about?

It’s Jesus! The Bible says that Jesus is the Word of God. God talks to us through Jesus and the Bible. Those are HIS words. The words of Jesus and the words of the Bible are GOD’S words to us.

Jesus was with God in the beginning and He made everything and in Him is the light of all people. If the Word of God is Jesus, then we KNOW He can be alive! We know Jesus is alive in heaven with God.

The Word of God is alive and active (that means doing stuff!) Jesus didn’t just go to heaven and sit around all day!

He is sharper than any two-edged sword. God’s word is complete and absolute (nothing is missing in the Bible).  Like a sword, the Word of God (Jesus) divides people. Some people love Him, some people do not. When we read the Bible we choose to love God or we choose not to. There is no in between. And when we love God, when we read the Bible it can help us know which way to go. It gets into our hearts and shows us which way to go. God’s word shows us what is good and what is not. It helps us make the right choices.

In Paul’s second letter to Timothy (3:16-17) he says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” That means EVERY word in the Bible is important, can teach us something, and make us more like God.

God gives us His words in the Bible, His words through Jesus and His words in our heart through His Holy Spirit.

The word of God is alive in Jesus, it divides people (for or against God and shows us our good or bad choices), and teaches us new things everyday!

For our craft today we cut a sword shape out of cardboard and then the kids wrapped the end in foil. We wrote the 3 things we learned today on the bottom of the sword.



Thanks again for joining us. Love to you all!

The B-I-B-L-E

Hi friends!

(image from
(image from

Today we will be learning about the Bible. Do you know what the Bible is?

The Bible is God’s book to us. God used different people over a long time to write down what He wanted us to know (Galatians 1:11) and then He used other people to put it altogether and even more people to write it in different languages so EVERYONE can know what God says.

The Bible is called the Word of God. (It’s His words to us). In 2 Timothy 3:16, Paul says that the Bible is useful for teaching and training us and also helping us know right from wrong. (Psalm 119:9) Mostly, it reminds us of God’s power and love for us.

In Psalms, King David said that God’s word is like a lamp for our feet, or a light to show us which way to go. (You can turn off all the lights and follow a flash light around and talk about how the world can seem dark and confusing…but when we follow God’s word…it shows us which way to go…just like a flashlight.)

And every word in the Bible is true! (John 17:17, John 10:35, Psalm 19:7, Revelation 21:5) God tells us over and over again that His words are true. We know it’s true, because there are lots of things God said would happen that DID happen, and also, if we believe in Him, then we trust what He says.

And Jesus said in Matthew 4 that man can not live by bread alone…but on every word from God. That means we need God’s words in our heart JUST as much as we need food everyday. So it’s important to read God’s word often.

Can you sit down with your mom and dad and come up with a time to read the Bible each day–maybe bedtime? after lunch or supper? before school?

For smaller children, you can sing the B-I-B-L-E song.

And if you have kids a bit older, you could go into more detail like the Bible has two main parts, an old testament (everything before Jesus) and a new testament (everything after Jesus came). There are books that tell the stories of God’s people, books about prophecies (things that were going to happen and later did), and books about wisdom and songs. The new testament books are divided into telling about Jesus’ life, the early church, letters to the early church and one more book of prophecy (things that will still happen, but haven’t yet.)

**If you feel your child is old enough, you could start memorizing the books of the Bible. Also, if your child is old enough to read…do they have their own Bible yet that they can read?

All for today. Thanks again for joining us. Love to you all!